by Elizabeth Stone June 18, 2022 2 min read

6 Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

We’ve decided that it’s time to normalize showering the mama-to-be with gifts that will help her during her postpartum journey at her baby shower! While cute baby outfits are always appreciated, you can really make a difference by getting her something unique and SUPER helpful- something no one else will be getting her!

Here is a list of 6 one-of-a-kind baby shower gift ideas that will up your gifting game and show that mama-to-be how much you love her:

1. Postpartum Care Kit

Babies need a lot of things, but so do postpartum moms! A postpartum curated kit has all the essentials a mom needs to heal and relieve discomfort. Thriving during the fourth trimester is much easier when the mama-to-be has all the postpartum products she could ever think of! 

Postpartum Care Box

2. Streaming subscription

We all know sometimes the fourth trimester often keeps mamas up late and wakes them up early! A unique gift would be to provide a streaming subscription to keep the mama entertained and awake during those tiring times. She’ll also enjoy using the subscription to watch her favorite shows alone or cuddling up with her partner when baby is asleep! 

3. Reese Witherspoon book club kit

Is the soon to be mama interested in reading more? Reese’s book club and kits highlight and celebrate women authors! She offers book club kits that give the gift of a fantastic book + other fun necessities. You can pick from already created kits or specialize your own! 

4. Cozy pajamas + self care kit 

Mamas need self care! Help her relax by giving the gift of comfort and small opportunities to show herself some love. After a long day, nothing is better than filling up the tub, adding a soothing bath soak, and changing into soft cozy mama pajamas!

Mom wearing mama pajamas and holding our self care box.

5. Meal subscription

Moms have so much to think about and do! It can be hard to load up the kids to go to the grocery store and then decide what to make for dinner. Want to make their life easier?? Send the mama-to-be some meal subscriptions. Meal subscriptions are perfect because it will be  delivered right to their door with an easy recipe to follow and already prepared ingredients. 

6. In-home photoshoot

An in-home photoshoot is the perfect way to help the mama feel confident in herself! Let her dress up and have a photoshoot in the comfort of her own home to capture some pictures with her new babe. These pictures are something she will absolutely love and treasure forever! 


Show up to a baby shower with ANY of these gifts and you’ll be sure to keep it creative, unique, and very thoughtful to mama’s needs!

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