by Elizabeth Stone January 18, 2022 2 min read

Looking for the perfect self care routine from pregnancy to postpartum? We put together a timeline of all the boxes you could need, starting the moment you find out you’re pregnant! 😍

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Morning Sickness Box

Nausea is usually the first symptom to hit after getting pregnant! The lucky mamas only have to deal with it for a little while, but the honest truth is that most moms will have to deal with morning sickness off on and throughout their pregnancy. This curated box is just what you need to fight it off! 

Pregnancy Box

Pregnancy is long and can beHARD!! Our Pregnancy Box supports you with products tailored for each trimester’s aches and pains.  From a belly support belt to ease the back pain to soothing belly butter for that growing bump, this box will have you feeling pampered throughout your pregnancy journey.

Postpartum Recovery Box/Deluxe Postpartum Recovery Box

Before you know it, BABY IS HERE! For our vaginal deliveries, choose between our Postpartum Box or Deluxe Postpartum Box. They are jam packed with the best postpartum products on the market to help you thrive during your fourth trimester! No need to research what products to purchase, we’ve done all that hard work for you.  Each item in our Postpartum Boxes is tested and approved by our team of mamas.  This is a perfect baby shower gift for any mama (or for yourself!).

C-Section Recovery Box/Deluxe C-Section Recovery Box

We haven’t forgotten about our C-Section mamas! For you, we have our C-Section Recovery Box or our Deluxe C-Section Recovery Box.  Each box is full of tried and true products that are revered as lifesavers for C-Section healing. 


Breastfeeding Box

For mamas that decide to breastfeed or pump, our Breastfeeding Box is full of the best products for lactation support, relief, and comfort! With nursing pads, nipple butter, lactation tea, and more, this box will be a huge lifesaver as you begin your nursing and/or pumping journey.

Self Care Gift Box

Whether you’re pregnant or not, this Self Care Box is all you need for relaxation! With our Bath Soak, Refresh Mist, Mama Oil and more, it’s full of thoughtfully designed items that help you take time for yourself.  It also comes with our Mama Affirmation Card which we encourage you to glance at to remind you how great of a mother you are! This also makes for a perfect gift for your bestie, sister, or sister in law.

We hope this self care timeline can help you, and any mama you know, in her pregnancy and postpartum experience. We are so excited for you to have your little bundle of joy! 


Sunflower Motherhood 

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