by Andrea Madril May 23, 2021 3 min read

Decorating your baby's future room can be a really fun!  It can also be a bit stressful.  All the picture perfect nurseries you see on Instagram and Pinterest can feel overwhelming when you're just getting started. So to help you out a bit, we're sharing some helpful tips to get started as well as some of our favorite nursery themes. 

If you're not sure where to start, here are 3 tips for coming up with a theme. Also remember, no theme is cool too - perhaps easier!   

#1 Keep in mind that this space should make you feel peaceful and joyful when you walk in it.  It's easy to go overboard with kids items, but remember, less is more!

#2 Think about a color or tangible object that brings you joy (the cactus on your favorite coffee mug, the plant on the corner of your desk, the fruit pattern in the cute onesie you just bought, etc.) and go off it! 

#3 Another idea is to think of some symbolic objects in your or your partner's life.  Perhaps butterflies make you think of your amazing grandmother that passed away, or you and your brother took guitar lessons together growing up.  Start with that meaningful object and go from there.  Let it be the main part of your Google and Pinterest searching and see if you find things you like!

Below we're sharing some of our favorite nursery themes (hopefully a few of them you find unique!). We've curated some beautiful and fun items under each category to get you started.

Fruit Themed Nursery


#1 Fruit

A fruity theme makes for a fun, playful, and bright baby room!  Stick with one type of fruit, or mix it up.  The handmade mobile over the crib can add an extra special touch. Finding baby clothes and blankets to match this theme should be an easy task too.  And while we're thinking about it, a veggie theme would be another great one!

Here are some of our fruity favorites:


#2 Ice Cream

We love this one because we haven't seen it much before! It's unique and playful.  You can theme it up or go more subtle, perhaps with the sprinkle decals on the wall and just one or two other ice cream items.  You can also mix in popsicles or milkshakes, really any other sweet treat that tickles your fancy. However you do it, this is sure to be a fun-feeling room!

Here are a few frosty finds:

Botanical Nursery Theme



#3 Botanical

There is something so peaceful and refreshing about a leafy green space!  You can place some real or faux plants and succulents on the dresser or bookshelf to bring some more texture to the room.  We love natural and white woods for the crib and other accent furniture with this theme.

Some leafy looks to check out:

Global Nursery Theme

#4  Global

If you and your family are big travelers, this can be a great way to expose your little one to the world at a young age!  It's a theme that makes for great conversation starters as your baby turns into a curious toddler.  And if you use the world map sticker mural, it offers opportunities to practice letters as well as learn about animal and plant life in different parts of the globe. 

Check out some of these global goodies:

Cactus Nursery Theme



 #5 Cactus

Desert dreaming! A cactus theme is casual and simple, yet dynamic. You can play around with real or faux mini succulents on the bookshelves and dresser.  Or try mixing in other accents, such as floral or animal.  Sandy color tones mixed with some subtle pops of color would make the room cool and calm!

Some dreamy desert decor:

 Letters Nursery Theme

#6 Letters 

This one is a oldie but goodie.  And now that there are so many beautifully made decor items with subtle OR bright colors (whichever you like), we think this theme is still such a classic.  Plus, it's so fun for your kiddos to see and play with in their space once they start learning their letters.

Here are some alphabet adornments we love:

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