by Jarrett Webster January 04, 2023 3 min read

Your baby is close to being born… so you want to welcome them into the world withcomfort. From wall art to textiles, from paints to toys, read on to see some amazing ideas for decorating your newborn’s room.

Get personal!

For any mama decorating a newborn’s room, it is an exciting idea toget personal. You may want to use your baby’s name as wall art above the crib (see our photo below for what this might look like!).

However you wish to personalize your baby’s room, try to do this with objects and decorations that are not totally permanent. After all, you will likely end up redecorating the room as your little one grows, or repurposing the room for a future sibling.

minimalist room with noah's name and lampshade in white and crib


Baby friendly artwork

If you aren’t too keen on putting initials on the wall, or if you simply want some more artwork to put in the room, then don’t worry! There is plenty more baby friendly artwork out there for you to consider.

Paintings or pictures showing animals, alphabets, or colorful patterns are always a lovely addition to your child’s room. As time goes by, you could even feature some artwork on the wall which was painted by your little one themselves! 


Be creative with textiles

Mamas can really get creative when picking textiles for the baby’s bedroom. Whichever materials you prefer, you can aim to buy furniture with fabrics that match the color palette of the room – so everything complements each other nicely. This helps create a cohesive and calming space for you and your child.

Make sure you pick textiles which will survive the messes, spills and stains which come hand-in-hand with a newborn’s room. Cotton velvet, for example, is not particularly strong, and therefore may not be the best choice for your baby’s bedroom.


Sneak in some learning here and there

Mamas often think that the first few months of a baby’s life is too soon for education… but it doesn’t hurt to incorporate this into your decoration.

If you hang up some artwork of animals, then maybe put a sign underneath each one which says what the animal is. Or, you may want to hang a map of the globe on one of the bedroom walls. This second suggestion will add lots of color to the room… all while showing your angel the amazing countries across the world!


Toys are essential

Remember, mamas: you aren’t just decorating your baby’s bedroom for you… you’re decorating it for them, too!

Lots of storage space is always an excellent idea in a newborn’s bedroom. This will give you a section to keep the toys which your baby loves to play with. Small baskets are a great thing to add to your registry, as they will serve many storage purposes in the nursery.


And don’t forget… get the basics right!

Hopefully all the ideas above have made you excited about decorating your newborn’s nursery. But, it’s important that you don’t forget the basics, too!

Painting your newborn’s bedroom takes up a lot of time, especially for pregnant mamas, so make sure you are happy with your choice of color before getting started. Relaxing, soothing colors tend to be best for both mamas and babies. Pastel colors – particularly medium pinks, blues, yellows or greens – are perfect for this.

If the room has carpet, an idea is to add a machine washable rug to the room.  This will add dimension and layer all while making any big spills or messes much easier to cleanup.

If you can accentuate the natural light in the room, it will make the room feel more welcoming, brighter and bigger. However, you may also want to fit this window with a blackout blind… so your baby can get some sleep when the time comes, and so can you!


The perfect bedroom for your little angel

Hopefully your brain is now buzzing with exciting ideas about how to decorate your newborn’s room. And, now that you’ve looked after your baby… maybe it’s time for mama to be treated!

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Click on the link above to take a look at the magnet… and in the meantime, good luck decorating!

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