Great Mom Candle

  • With both an uplifting scent and message, this mom candle serves as a small token of self care for any mother. It reminds Mama that motherhood is tough, but she is doing a great job. Whether she's taking a candlelit bath or passing by in a hurry, the message will serve as a quick reminder to give herself some credit and self love on the wild ride of motherhood.

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Customer Reviews

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Love, love, love!!!

So I was pleasantly surprised the other day receiving a beautiful gift from my loving son filled with happiness!! The box itself was wrapped so elegant and when I opened it the fragrance from the candle immediately filled my home with this amazing scent!! I immediately lite it up to experience the smell of a field of flowers as I uncovered a number of other lovely treasures! I could feel the love and have each day as I light the candle and use the products!! The only complaint….the candle needs to be larger so it can last longer! Lol It’s all gone but I keep the jar on my counter to reflect on that day I got it this beautiful gift from my son and read the words daily when I get to miss him or when in doubt as a mom!! Love it and my son more for thinking of me to send this awesome gift of love! ❤️

Ryan B
My Mom Loves me!

So, I could probably be a better son and keep in touch with my Mom a little more on the opposite coast -I realize that. I decided to send her something last week, and wasn’t really sure what I should send. I came across Sunflower Motherhood purely by happenstance, and noticed that they had this great candle that said everything I needed to, in order to make my Mom feel Loved and let her know that I was thinking about her. Mission complete! My Mom LOVED this candle -still does! When she opened her package, the first thing she said was that the smell of this candle immediately filled the room and it smelled SOOOOOO good! I wasn’t there, but from what she told me, the unboxing experience sounded wonderful (…like with butterflies and flowers and ‘mom things’ floating through the air)! Ultimately, I guess I made a good choice, and I’m happy to have randomly found Sunflower Motherhood. I have several other items here that will keep me stocked up with ‘thinking about you’ orders for a solid year of holidays, birthdays, and ‘just because’ days! Love this candle, and Love my NEW Mom-Shop :))

Joan A

Everything is great. My nieces love everything. They are both new moms.

Colleen Lester
Scent and Sentiment

I love the scent of this candle and the affirmation!
I am a postpartum doula supporting new mamas and will be giving this as a gift to a new mom. Thanks for providing these wonderful products.

Olivia Fregoso
Made the best Christmas gift

I was so pleased with my order. My very good friend had her baby just before Christmas and SM had the perfect options for her. I purchased the Candle, magnet, Calm roller, and chapstick. Placing the order was simple. I had questions about delivery and I got an answer back right away. The gift was received with heartfelt tears and she loved EVERYTHING! It all was was perfect down to the Bergamot scented chapstick which is her favorite scent. I am so happy with my order, I purchased a few extra magnets as Mother's day gifts!