Morning Sickness Box

  • Queasy like Sunday morning?  We get it.  Morning sickness is no fun.  A great gift for yourself, your partner, or any expecting mom in your life suffering from pregnancy nausea, the Morning Sickness Box has all of the best relief products for morning sickness on the market.  It’s like a convenient morning sickness emergency kit! With six different items, Mama can put one product in her desk, another in her purse, car, diaper bag, etc., to find quick relief whenever the nausea hits.

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Amy Chandler
Great gift for my daughter and customer service outstanding

My daughter is expecting my 1st grandchild and lives in another state. This box was a great pick me up for her (she was feeling homesick in addition to morning sickness) and actually helped her feel better. I loved being able to send her some love. In addition I appreciated the quick response of Sunflower customer service when I realized I had incorrect shipment address and they fixed it pronto.

Ivy Young
Quick shipping!

I really appreciate how quickly this box shipped! It was a gift for my SIL who has had terrible nausea

Kerry Ferguson
Great Find!

This arrived more quickly than I anticipated! My daughter was saying how poorly she was feeling and didn't know what she could or couldn't do to help with her nausea (sometimes it feels like you can't do much of anything). I went searching on a Friday and found the Sunflower Motherhood Morning Sickness Box. She received it Monday or Tuesday. The pick-me-up was immediate. She commented that she could smell the light scent of the candle coming from the box and felt better immediately.

So far, she has used the candle and the oil roller and says both are lovely - and help her feel better! Added bonus, she felt pampered to receive this beautiful box full of goodies, and having several resources on hand where she felt she had none was priceless.

Keeping my eye on Sunflower Motherhood and definitely recommend!

Samantha Raynor
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Annemarie Corwin
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