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Deluxe C-Section Recovery Box

  • It's no secret how much a woman’s body goes through after having a baby. The Deluxe C-Section Recovery Box eases the healing process by equipping Mama with all the best postpartum products needed to relieve discomfort after a C-Section delivery. This thoughtfully curated care package is the perfect way to let the new mom know you’re thinking of her and care about her wellness. From panties made specifically for C-Section healing to nourishing scar cream, this all-in-one gift box helps Mama take care of herself amidst all the caring for baby. All items are full size.

    Our C-Section Recovery Box offers a few of these main essentials for $79.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Ann Thomas

This was a great gift to receive postpartum following my unexpected C section! The box was done beautifully, the products were so useful, and it was so nice to feel a little bit pampered with such nice products during that time in my recovery. I especially loved having the black mesh panties, and I am still using the hot/cold pack! I love the concept behind Sunflower Motherhood and found the gift box to be executed so well!

Andrew Brassington
Thank you for the perfect gift to a friend that's a new Mom

She appreciated the useful mix of quality products.

Excellent gift!

We purchased this as a gift for our surrogate. Most pregnancy gifts had extra things included focusing on the baby- and we wanted to focus on on the surrogate and help her heal. The deluxe box seemed perfect and it arrived cutely gift-wrapped to her home. Thank you for a useful and pretty package.

Guetcha Tondreau
Thank you

My bestie loved it! She was super happy!

Alexa B
A much-needed gift

I received this box when I had an unexpected c-section last year. It came at the perfect time in my challenging recovery process. It was such a beautiful reminder to focus on myself and my own healing when I was so wrapped up in the newborn fog. It had everything I needed. When a friend gave birth at just 27 weeks recently, this was the first thing that came to mind. I knew this box would be the perfect gift for her too. It's a lovely way to say you're thinking of someone and send them what they need exactly in that moment!

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