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by Andrea Madril February 26, 2021 3 min read

When a family welcomes home a bundle of joy, the deliveries arriving at their front door are usually flowers and gifts for the baby. While any gesture like this is appreciated, the new parents will be extra touched to receive a gift meant just for them. After all, they deserve to be celebrated too. Not only are they extremely exhausted, they're adapting to a brand new lifestyle which can be a struggle at first. Opening something chosen thoughtfully for the new parent among the bouquets and baby clothes will make them feel supported and cared for by you. Out of all the gifts arriving at the door, these 5 unique ideas are sure to be the ones the new parents truly appreciate and remember.

Meal Kit Subscription Hello Fresh#1 Meal Kit Subscription
Having dinner taken care of as a brand new parent is such a gift!  Not only does it nourish the hungry and sleepy parents, it takes the pressure off figuring out dinner and cleaning up the kitchen after - all time better spent napping or going for an evening walk with baby. Dropping off a meal on their doorstep or sending a gift card for food delivery is so appreciated by new parents. But one way to make it a bit more long lasting is to buy a subscription for meal kit deliveries. Once they are through those initial weeks of takeout and dinner sent from friends and family, a homemade feels like a luxury. This way, you're gifting them just that but with little prep and no grocery shopping of their own. Plus, they'll think of you each time they make it! Companies like HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef make it easy to purchase a gift card.

Cookie Delivery Crumbl Cookies

#2 Dessert Delivery

The nights are long when you are a brand new parent. One way to give them a little boost is to send some yummy desserts after dinner time straight to their doorstep. If you're not nearby, you can order from a local bakery or find a sweets shop on a food delivery app. You can also order from a cookie or ice cream company that ships nationwide, like Crumbl or Jeni's Ice Cream. They'll be grateful for your delicious and thoughtful gesture! 

Baby Be Mine Maternity Pajamas

#3 Cozy Loungewear

Chances are all the new clothes in the house belong to baby, and rightfully so! That's why receiving new comfy athleisure wear or a cozy pajama set as the new parent is so memorable. In those initial weeks when getting shuteye often means a daytime nap, new parents are in their lounge clothes more often than not. That's why a fresh set of comfortable clothes is a total pick me up! While they're folding another load of baby laundry, they'll appreciate that you went out of your way to pick something out just for them. You'll find some cozy options with brands like BabyBeMine Maternity, Marine Layer, and Kindred Bravely.

Tiny Tags Custom Necklaces

#4 Custom Jewelry 

Naming your child is a special process, and most new parents are very excited to share their brand new baby's name. Customizing a piece of jewelry with either the baby's name or initial (or even birthday) is a super thoughtful way to gift something for the parent that incorporates their love for the baby too. If you're not sure on the style or color, it may be best to check with someone close to the parent on what their preferences would be. Whether you're looking for a necklace, ring or bracelet, brands like Tiny Tags, Gldn, Oak & Luna all have beautiful options at many different price points.

Postpartum Care Package Sunflower Motherhood

#5 Postpartum Care Package

From onesies to nursery staples, parents are typically given gifts that make the baby's arrival into the world more comfortable. What they rarely receive are gifts to make their arrival into parenthood more comfortable. While getting to know their precious baby, brand new mothers are also figuring out how to recover physically after delivery. A postpartum care package gives the new mom what she needs to care for herself after baby is born while sending the message that you truly care about her wellbeing. Of course we couldn't leave ourselves off the list! A Sunflower Motherhood gift box will make the brand new mama feel supported and loved as she begins the journey of motherhood.

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Mama Sweatshirt
Postpartum uniform!

Wearing my Mama sweater makes me so happy. I wear it proudly and get excited for cozy/cool days. I wear it most days except laundry days!

Purchased multiple times!

I bought this sweatshirt because another mama raved about how cozy it was! Turns out, she was right! I have since then bought this sweatshirt again for a soon-to-be mama friend. Can’t recommend it enough, it’s so comfy and cozy!

The best postpartum gift out there!

I love being able to send something to my momma friends that I know will be exactly what they need for their postpartum recovery. The instructions included in the box for each of items are SO helpful and comforting for first time mommas!

Awesome gift for busy mamas everywhere!!!

I was looking for a unique gift specifically to relieve my very busy pregnant daughter from extra tasks in preparation for baby’s arrival. The gift box was lovely and the products were well thought out, organic and checked all the items on her postpartum list! Would highly recommend!

Perfect Gift!

I bought this for my best friend who had her first child. The package arrived quickly and was very appreciated. All if the items are useful and the affirmation card is the cherry on top.