by Andrea Madril March 16, 2021 3 min read

At Sunflower Motherhood, we are committed to reducing waste and recycling packaging. Every time we get inventory from a supplier, we save all the packaging paper and reuse it in our outgoing boxes that come to you. You'll also notice that anything arriving at your door from us comes in a recyclable box or compostable mailer and is sealed with recyclable paper tape, rather than the classic clear plastic tape.

We encourage you to be a part of our efforts!  All of our shipping boxes, black gift boxes, packaging tape and packing slips are recyclable, so please place them in your recycling bin when finished. To prevent our black gift box from being single use, you can cut the top off to create an open bin for storing your postpartum products in the bathroom. Alternatively, you can use it to keep special notes or letters under your bed the way you would a good ol' shoebox. And what about those postpartum recovery products you don't need anymore now that you're healed? Don't just throw them away! Below we've compiled a list of second use ideas for some of the main postpartum healing items found inside our new mom gift boxes.

Perineal Spray Bottle as Toddler Bath Toy
#1 Perineal Spray Bottle  

How ever could you reuse an upside down bidet, you ask? We promise it makes for a super fun bath toy when your babe gets a bit older! They'll love that it can squirt more volume than the little tiny bath toys! Just make sure to dry it out after use to prevent mold, the way you would with other bath toys.


Perineal Heat Cool Pack For Menstrual Cramps

#2 Perineal + Abdominal Heat/Cool Pack

In each of our Postpartum Recovery Boxes there is a rectangular shaped heat and cool pack that is perfect for down-there healing after a vaginal delivery and abdominal healing after a C-Section delivery.  Don't ditch it after you're done healing!  It can come in handy when your period returns.  Warm it up in the microwave for 30 seconds and you have a flexible, portable heating pad for those menstrual cramps.

Reuse of Breast Packs for Toddler Ice Packs Postpartum

#3 Breast Heat/Cool Packs

The round blue packs found in our Breastfeeding Box are not just lifesavers for the beginning of your nursing journey.  The size and shape also make it a perfect kiddo ice pack!  It's much more comfortable than a bag of peas since it's flexible and bendable.  Plus, one side is lined with smooth fabric so your kiddo won't get too cold.  Store them in the freezer for quick relief to a bonked head or scraped knee. 

Nipple Butter Postpartum Product As Lip Balm

#4 Nipple Butter

The nipple butter included in our Breastfeeding Box is made without petroleum, lanolin or parabens making it super moisturizing and healing.  It works wonders on cracked nipples and as a breast pump lubricant.  But you'll be surprised to know it also feels great on chapped lips, dry elbows, and cracked heels!  Try these uses with any of your leftover balm.  

Image Source: Earth Mama Organics


Comfy Mesh Undies Postpartum Wear Brief Transitions
#5 Mesh Undies

You may see jokes about this online, and we're here to tell you they're true.  Many moms end up wearing the postpartum mesh undies meant for the first month after having a baby for months (and maybe years) to come.  They make for super comfortable nighttime undies.

Image source: Brief Transitions


Motherhood Affirmation Card on Fridge

#6 Affirmation Card

Every gift box in our Postpartum Collection comes with our signature Mama Affirmation Card.  We encourage you to keep it to reference during those tough moments of motherhood.  You can tape it to your bathroom mirror or fridge for a daily reminder that you're a great mother.  



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