by Elizabeth Stone April 18, 2022 2 min read

Mother’s Day is almost here! Wondering what to get all the special mamas in your life? We’re happy to be your one stop shop for thoughtful and unique gifts for new mothers to grandmothers.  Check out our curated list below and shop by recipient or characteristic!

By Recipient: 

1. Expecting Mamas

The Mama Sweatshirt is a best seller that looks SO cute with a baby bump (and after)! Now she can always sport her new nickname and be super cozy at the same time!



If you’re wanting to go all-out for your pregnant mama friends, the Pregnancy Box is a perfect “Congratulations!” gift to kick off motherhood! 




2. New Mamas

At the end of a long day as a new mama, our Evening Shower Mist can help calm her spirits with aromatherapy she winds down for the night. 


With an uplifting scent and message, the Great Mom Candle serves as a small token of self care for any mom! Motherhood can be tough, and sometimes everyone needs a reminder that they’re doing a great job. 


3. Mamas of Multiples

These moms deserve a break! Send them a Self Care Gift Box to pamper themselves and find a moment of relaxation in the middle of chaos. 


Every mama needs a bag for on the go. Our Mama Canvas Tote Bag has 6 inside pockets, perfect to store all your kid gear (wipes, snacks, bibs, toys, and more)! Plus, it can also function as an eco-friendly grocery shopping bag 😉



4. Grandmothers

Grandmas deserve Mother’s Day love too!! The Best Grandma Ever Candle is a way to thank her for being a wonderful grandmother. 




By Characteristic:

1. Trendy Mamas

The newest staple piece in every mama’s closet! The Mama Knows Hat has a casual yet classic look with such a cute, vintage style! 



2. Sentimental Mamas

For mamas who love to have a reminder of their little ones, our Mama Bracelet Setis a stylish way to sport her commitment!



3. Hard-Working Mamas

Ok, ALL moms are hard working. That’s why an all-time favorite mama gift is our Mama Pajamas. They can make you feel comfortable and cozy no matter what season of motherhood you’re in!



And if you don’t know what to choose, you can always snag a Gift Cardand send it their way! 



Mother’s day is an incredible opportunity to show the motherly figures in your life how much they are appreciated! Get shopping now for the PERFECT gift!

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