by Jarrett Webster March 31, 2022 3 min read

Birthday parties for your little one have never been more fun! Looking for ideas for your little one’s birthday? We have a perfect birthday party theme guide to give cute ideas just for you- for the first FOUR years of life!

First Birthday Parties

One in a melon 🍉

birthday fruit theme with balloons

(Photo from

Make this party super fruity by putting together fruit balloons, and having a fruit bar! Serve fruit salad, juice, and anything else that makes this summer vibe fun!

One hit wonder 🎶

colorful balloons theme

(Photo from

For all the superstars out there, throw a one-hit wonder party! Have a baby dance party to all their favorite songs, and make it like your very own red carpet event. 

One-hundred-and-one dalmatians 🐾

animal theme party balloons

(Photo from Keeping up with the Kelleys on Pinterest)

Break out the puppy decor for a puppy pawty! Have stuffed animal goodie bags for your guests, and treats cut in the shape of pawprints! Turn on 101 Dalmations or Lady and the Tramp, rent a ball pit to play in, and set the mood for the party! 

Second Birthday Parties

Two Fast 🏎

race theme party with doughnut

(Photo from 

Celebrate a second birthday (or any little racer’s birthday) with a speed racing theme! Break out Lightning McQueen, toy cars, and all the sweet treats. Set up car tracks and mini-games for your little ones to run!

Two Sweet 🍦🍩

birthday two theme in unicorn theme

(Photo from

Fingers crossed that your toddler will always be “two sweet” — so celebrate with the sweetest party! Have lots of sweet treats and decorative crafts!

Totally Two-bular 🤙🏼🏄🏼

baby riding a small car with a balloon in wave theme

(Photo from @micahjuliet,

Every little surfer should be shredding on their birthday! If you can’t hit the waves at the beach, bring the beach home with you. Have treats in the shape of surfboards, a kiddy pool, and make some s’mores. 

Third Birthday Parties

ThreeRex 🦖🦕

dino theme party set balloons

(Photo from

Rent a sandpit for your own at-home dino dig! Serve up some dino eggs (grapes or deviled eggs), dino tracks (skewers with watermelons cut into dino feet), and fossils (white chocolate-covered pretzels)! Your dino-lovers won’t get enough of this party!

Three-esta 🪅

party with a chips on the table

(Photo from

Bring a piñata filled with candy and prizes for a fun-filled party! Have a taco bar so toddlers and parents can enjoy the food!

Three-ring circus 🎪🤹🏼‍♀️

colorful balloons theme with hulahoop

(Photo from

Circuses are always a hit! Bring hula hoops and plenty of costumes to dress up in so all the toddlers can feel like a part of the circus! Hire a balloon-artist to make the party a blast!

Fourth Birthday Parties

Reach four the stars 💫

Planet minimalist theme

(Photo from

Future astronauts and space explorers definitely need to reach “four” the stars! Cut sandwiches into the shape of stars, have rocket decorations, and all things about space! 

Fourever Young 👶🏼

birthday theme with flower balloons

(Photo from

Bring some flower power with a fourever young party! Go for a boho vibe and let your little one and their friends relax in the backyard, being surrounded by lots of peace signs and rainbows!

Roar for Four 🦁

giraffe theme with balloons

(Photo from @artaiaprints,

Go for a safari theme, adding in all the animal prints! Buy some large stuffed animals for the little ones to play with, and provide safari binoculars or hats for the little ones to wear! Watch Tarzan, get a bounce house, and enjoy the wild nature of the toddlers there!

I don’t know about you, but these birthday theme ideas are way too much fun! No better time than now to start prepping for the next birthday party, or to put these ideas in your back pocket! 

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