by Elizabeth Stone July 31, 2022 2 min read

Having a hard time waking up in the morning? Not feeling relaxed at night? Maybe a routine is just what you need! We came up with a list of ideas to add to your routine that can make your morning/night feel productive and full of self care 🤗


Morning Routine Ideas

  1. Drink water when you wake up 

We all know it’s important to stay hydrated. Start your day off by drinking a glass full of water to rehydrate you from your slumber. This can help your calorie intake throughout the day, give quality to your skin, and improve mental performance!

2. Take time to Meditate

Want to feel accomplished, content and optimistic through the day? Meditating will set this tone for you! Set aside 10-30 minutes to meditate or do yoga. Use our Oil Roller Duo to help you feel calm and boost your mood!

3. Write down your to do list for the day

Prepare your mind for the day by checking your planner and writing down what needs to be done. Start your day on the right foot!

4. Eat a real breakfast 

Give yourself the power you need for the day by eating breakfast. Get fancy by making crepes with fruit or keep it simple with some coffee and yogurt!

5. Get in the Shower 

Wake yourself up with a nice shower in the morning. Use our energizing Morning Shower Mist to brighten up your spirits. The minty citrus blend is designed to stimulate and uplift you!


Nighttime Routine Ideas

  1. Shower the day off 

After a long day of mommin’ take some time for yourself to shower and wash off your day! Our Evening Shower Mist will help to decompress and calm you. OR take a bath and wind down while using our Bath Soak! It’s 100% pure essential oil and lavender bud, perfect for relieving tension and soothing sore muscles! 


2. Change into comfy pajamas 

Get ready for bed by getting comfy. Let yourself look forward to bedtime by changing into those pajamas. Try our Long or Short Mama Pajama Sets for a buttery soft material that you will help set the tone of coziness! 

3. Put electronics away

Help your brain shut down by setting electronics aside and reading a good book. Let your mind take a break and go into a world of words! 

4. Reflect on your day

Reflecting on your day and what went well and maybe what didn’t can help you in the long run! Try this with your partner or write down reflections in your journal. Always allow yourself time for regrowth on how you could be a better parent or spouse but remembering the good things that happened as well. 

5. Have a set bedtime

Our bodies often work better when we have a dedicated routine. That includes setting a bedtime! Help your body by following this bedtime and watch as your morning routine gets easier and more efficient! 


Set up that morning or night time routine now. Whether your day is about to start or it’s finally ending, YOU got this mama! 


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