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C-Section Recovery Box

  • A basic version of the Deluxe C-Section Recovery Box, the C-Section Recovery Box includes the essential items a mother needs to heal well and relieve discomfort after a C-Section delivery.  This thoughtfully curated care package is the perfect way to let the new mom know you’re thinking of her and care about her wellness. You’ll be the standout gift giver for sending something that helps Mama take care of herself amidst all the caring for baby! All items are full size.

Customer Reviews

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Jordan S
Great Gift

I didn't personally use the box. It was a gift for my sister-in-law. However, she sent me a message saying thank you for the box, and it seemed to really make her feel loved and empowered. Shipping was great too. My SIL had really wanted to hold off on the C-section until 39 weeks if at all possible and had it scheduled for then. She ended up having to go in a week earlier than she and her doctor had planned due to rising blood pressure, and I was worried the box wouldn't be there when she needed it most. I had scheduled it to arrive about three days before her scheduled date. However, it arrived a couple of days early and was waiting on their porch when they got home from the hospital! I have a couple of other friends who are experiencing complications like placenta previa and possible preeclampsia, and I will definitely be sending them the box as well.



Maria Will
This was the perfect gift for my sister i...

This was the perfect gift for my sister in law! Thank you!

Vcblondie137 Kris
Cannot overstate what a lifesaver this kit...

Cannot overstate what a lifesaver this kit was - my best friend had to have an emergency c-section, her baby was born very underweight, and taking care of herself was the last thing on her mind. Thanks to Covid I couldn't be there for her in person, but this kit was the next best thing! Got there quickly and she loved everything in it. Wish I could give it more stars.

Felicia Wintheiser
My friend was totally surprised, and said...

My friend was totally surprised, and said it was so professional looking

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