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The holiday season has arrived. It’s the time of Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas trees and New Year’s celebrations… so, what better time to buy some amazing presents and treat a new Mom in your life?

If one of your friends or family members has recently had a baby, you’re in the perfect place. There are a huge range of amazing gifts out there for new Moms – and we’ve put together a holiday wishlist so you can find lots of incredible ideas, all in one place!


Ugg Slippers

Ugg Slippers are an amazing way to stay comfy while relaxing around the house. A new Mom is going to be indoors a lot throughout this holiday season, and Ugg Slippers are perfect for keeping her cozy.

Nordstrom’s Ugg Slippers are highly recommended by us. They are warm, stylish and can even be worn when stepping outside the house.

After all… a comfy Mama is a happy Mama!

Nordstrom Ugg Slipper


Black Denim Mama Jacket

New Moms can dress up or dress down with Sunflower Motherhood’s Black Denim Mama Jacket. This stylish piece has our signature cursive mama font embroidered on the back, which makes for an elegant and casual look.

There’s no doubt that this coat will soon become a new mom’s staple denim jacket to throw on while out and about with their babe(s), or maybe even over their shoulders on date night.



Hoka Running Shoes

Staying comfortable is very important for a new Mom – and since Mamas spend so much time on their feet, comfy running shoes are ideal for the holiday season.

Hoka Running Shoes come in all sizes and colors and give new Moms comfort and protection while they visit the store, change diapers, and generally move around the house.

Running shoes aren’t just for the outdoors… they are perfect for indoors, too. These can be a great gift for new Mamas this holiday season.


Hoka Running Shoes


Shower Mist Duo

Are you shopping for a new Mom, on a budget? If you are, then our Shower Mist Duo is ideal for you.

This pack of two gives new Moms an aromatherapeutic feel for an amazing showering experience. This product is vegan, made from 100% pure essential oils and produced here in the USA. What’s not to love!?


Shower Mist Duo Sunflower Motherhood


Cozy bathrobe

Warm. Snuggly. Essential. What do all these words describe? A cozy bathrobe! Your holiday wishlist isn’t complete without one of these.

Bathrobes are an amazing way to help new Moms relax. When you put on a snuggly bathrobe in the evening, all the challenges of being a new Mom become not so top of mind. Companies like Parachute have created a gorgeous bathrobe which all Mamas will absolutely love.



Massage Gift Certificate

When you’re a new Mom, finding ways to relax is crucial. Getting out of the house can help Mamas do this… and if it involves a massage, even better!

If you’re buying for a new Mom, then take a trip to one of your local massage spas and ask for a gift certificate. It’s the perfect gift for the new Mama in your life. They will come back feeling rejuvenated – and you can even offer to look after their baby while they’re gone.



Dinner Delivery Gift Card

Getting out of the house can be challenging when you’re a new Mom. And so is gathering up the energy to cook a homemade meal.

A dinner delivery gift card can solve this problem. Companies like Door Dash or Grub Hubare great for providing this service, or any local business that provides this service in your neighborhood. The new mama in your life will adore this very simple yet helpful gift!


Mama Hoodie

All new mamas love feeling comfy and warm during this holiday season. So, what better way to guarantee this, then an amazing hooded sweatshirt from Sunflower Motherhood?

This cozy hoodie is perfect for all new mamas this holiday season. As always, the tags have an uplifting and encouraging message so that every time your lucky recipient puts it on, they are reminded of what an amazing mom they are!


Hooded Sweatshirt Sunflower Motherhood



New mamas will love these joggers from Sunflower Motherhood. With this present, you can treat the new Mom in your life with a cozy and stylish gift which comes in different sizes and colors.

When a new Mom is ready to relax after a long day looking after their baby, these joggers are the perfect present. And if it doesn’t fit, then no problem – we accept returns in exchange for store credit.


Joggers Sunflower Motherhood


The perfect holiday wishlist for new mamas

Sunflower Motherhood is the perfect place to fulfil your wishlist for new mamas. We have a huge range of amazing gifts for Moms – and lots of our items allow you to buy in interest-free installments.

Click on this link to take alook at our shop.


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