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We all know reading books with your child is beneficial for many reasons. Beyond the sweet moments that come when your kid is sitting on your lap listening to you read, so much learning and development is at hand for your little one in every book.

Multi-cultural books can be a fun way to teach your toddler about the world beyond your four walls. We’ve curated a list of 10 of the amazing multi-cultural stories you can read to your child. 


1. Your Name Is A Song– by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow

This is a beautiful story of a young girl whose teacher is struggling to pronounce her name.  Through song, her mother helps her create a musical connection to not just her name, but names of her classmates as well. It gives her the confidence she needs to feel proud of her name and respect the historical natures of name and identity.

Main Culture(s): African, Asian, Black-American, Latinx, and Middle Eastern

Link(s) to book:Amazon,Barnes and Noble,The Innovation Press


your name is a song black mother with her child


2. The Arabic Quilt– by Aya Khalil 

This story helps a young girl feel proud of her Arabic culture.  Through the the Arabic quilt made by her grandmother, she empowers other children in her school to explore and share their cultures. It also has a glossary of Arabic words at the back of the book!

Main Culture(s): Arabic

Link(s) to book:Amazon,Gathering Volumes,


the arabic quit a black girl writing


3. Halal Hot Dogs– by Susannah Aziz 

This friendly and lighthearted story will expose your little to Muslim food, traditions, culture and language.  It’s written by a mother of 3 who loosely based the book on her children and their family routines.

Main Culture(s): Muslim

Link(s) to book:Amazon,Simon and Schuster


halal hotdogs boy holding hotdogs


4. We Are A Garden– by Peters Lisa Westberg and Tentler-Krylov Victoria

Your kiddo will enjoy this colorful picture book which explores all the migrants that came to North America, many centuries ago. You can go back through the history of our continent – and learn how it all began!

Main Culture(s): Native American

Link(s) to book:Amazon,Waterstones


we are a garden with a lot of people on the books


5. My First-Generation Family– by Claudia Harrington

This story tells the heart-warming tale about a Mexican family’s love for their little boy – and how this love can be seen in many cultures all around the world. Claudia Harrington has written the ideal tale for introducing Mexican culture to your toddler. 

Main Culture(s): Mexican

Link(s) to book:Amazon


my first generation family with 2 kids and 3 adults on the field


6. The Dinner That Cooked Itself– by J.C. Hsyu and Kenard Pak

Halfway across the planet, Chinese culture has a huge daily influence on billions of people’s lives. J.C. Hsyu and Kenard Pak have reinvented a traditional Chinese folk tale, and used it to give some insight into one of the oldest cultures in the world. Mamas and toddlers will love this one!

Main Culture(s): Chinese

Link(s) to,Waterstones,Penguin


the dinner that cooked itself books with hot pot image


7. The Best Tailor in Pinbauê– by Eymard Toledo

I know what you’re thinking – your baby is probably too young to know what a ‘tailor’ is! But they’re never too young to read about Brazilian culture… This short storybook is an excellent introduction to Brazil and tells the story about a young boy on a mission to make his community more colorful.

Main Culture(s): Brazilian

Link(s) to book:Seven Stories Press,Amazon


the best tailor in panbaue father and child holding a piece of cotton and scissor


8. Tiny Travelers India Treasure Quest– by Steven Wolfe and Susie Jaramillo 

Looking for something a bit different from the stories mentioned above? Perfect! This next book is filled with gorgeous pictures which your toddler can use to learn all about Indian culture. This is the perfect option for babies aged 1 to 3 – and it’s an easy way for mamas to sit peacefully with their baby while they learn about an incredible way of life.

Main Culture(s): Indian

Link(s) to book:Amazon


india treasure quest riding on the elephant


9. Grace Goes to Washington– by Kelly DiPucchio

Fancy teaching your toddler about things in the USA? “Grace Goes to Washington” is the perfect story for explaining how our country is run, and what we can do to make everyone in the country heard. This book is only 40 pages long, making it the perfect bedtime story for a toddler who wants to learn about the world beyond your four walls.

Main Culture(s): American

Link(s) to book:Amazon,Barnes and Noble,


grace goes to washington holding flag of usa


10. Where Are You From?– by Yamile Saied Mendez

This final book doesn’t focus on one single culture – it focuses on all of them! Yamile Saied Mendez has written a heart-warming tale about a child’s journey to discover their identity. It is the perfect story for children of color – but also for any toddler who has questions about who they truly are.

Main Culture(s): All

Link(s) to book:Amazon,HarperCollins

where are you from books grandfather and granddaughter


Perfect stories for Mom and Baby

Teaching your baby about the different cultures in our world is a great way to bond and learn together. Now that you have an incredible selection of books for your toddler to read… could it be time to treat yourself, too?

Take a look at our selection of self care gifts, so that you can nurture yourself after a long day of nurturing your children!

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