by Jarrett Webster February 20, 2023 4 min read

February has arrived… meaning that Spring is just around the corner. But there’s still a few more chilly weeks ahead before we can enjoy the warmer temperatures and longer days.

In the 6-8 weeks that follow after giving birth, it’s completely normal for new mamas to feel exhausted and weaker than usual. That’s why it is so important that you wrap up warm during the cold season and give your body everything it needs to recover.

Here’s a list of things which will help to keep new moms warm this February… all while celebrating the joy of motherhood at the same time!


Wrap up warm in a cozy sweatshirt

This first one is perfect for new mamas with a great sense of humor… 

You will undoubtedly be feeling tired after giving birth to your little angel… so why not buy a sweatshirt which says exactly that!? ThisTired Sweatshirt makes a playful reference to the pure exhaustion we sometimes feel in motherhood. After all, you may as well be cozy while conquering the day as the amazing mom you are! 

Made with high quality, buttery soft fabric on the outside and a brushed fleece on the inside, this sweatshirt is like a warm hug from your mama bestie.

You can order this sweatshirt in either black or cream – so whichever color and style you prefer, we’ve got you covered.


black and white long sleeve written tired


Buttery soft long jammies

Not only do new mamas want to stay cozy throughout the day… but they deserve to be lovely and warm at night-time, too!

Buttery softlong pajamas are the perfect gift for new mamas in the colder months. If you are nursing, the buttons provide easy access for baby. If you are still pregnant, the stretchy waistband fits comfortably below your baby bump.

You can also buy these amazing jammies in four interest-free installments – making it the perfect,affordable way to keep warm!


mom wearing sleepwear while breastfeeding her child beside his son on the bed


Stay inside with a hot drink

Whether you’re a coffee-lover or a tea-drinker – we’ve got you covered! A hot drink provides a simple way for new mamas to relax in the winter months – and what better mug to drink out of, than one reminding you what anawesome mom you are…

ThisGreat Mom Mug is an excellent gift for any new mamas in February. The sweet hand letter pressed message is meant to create a moment of self-love while you're sipping on your coffee or tea.

It is also microwave safe because (let's be honest) we usually have to reheat our coffee AND dishwasher safe because you know we all need one less dish to wash by hand.

If you have a special mama in your life that you want to support, then why not stop by their house, and keep them warm with a hot drink in a self-affirming mug?


mom holding a white mug


Enjoy a relaxing hot bath (when it’s safe to do so!)

In the first few weeks after giving birth, some new mamas are advised not to take a bath – especially if there is any stitching which needs to stay dry. However, once it is safe to do so and your doctor has given it the thumbs up… a relaxing hot bath is anideal way for mamas to take the weight off their feet.

OurSelf Care Gift Box for new mamas comes with high-quality soothing bath soak which you can use while relaxing in the tub. These soaks will allow moisture to penetrate your skin, while softening it at the same time. It’s the perfect gift for any mom trying to stay warm and relax this February!


gift box set with bottles inside


Heat up the house with candles

A great fifth idea for new moms to keep themselves warm is by heating up the house with candles. Sunflower Motherhood’s “You Are a Great Mom”candle reminds any new mama to give herself some credit and self-love on the wild ride of motherhood.

This lavender scented candle will fill your house with a beautiful aroma – and with a burn time of between 50 – 60 hours, it will last new moms a long time! It’s also only 3.2 inches wide, and therefore easy to place in small spaces around your home. 

Just make sure to blow it out before going to bed or leaving the house!


sunflower  in a vase with candle beside on it


Buy a gift for a pregnant mama in your life

Is there a pregnant mama in your life that you are keen to buy a gift for? Well, you’re in the right place! Not only do the suggestions above offer an excellent way for mamas to keep warm… but there are loads of other amazing gifts on our site for pregnant moms, too!

Click on this link to read our blog on “Pregnancy Gifts: what to send and when to send it”.

If you have any questions about Sunflower Motherhood, then please get in touch today via our ‘Contact Us’ page, and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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