by Simon Elson March 03, 2023 4 min read

The first few months with your baby bring some of the most precious experiences of your life. Your newborn is experiencing things for the very first time – and the look of wonder on their face, and the enjoyment they get from new activities, can be truly magical.

After the stressful first few months have passed, it can be fun to try some new activities together. Whether your little one is in the carrier, lounger or doing tummy time - there are lots of fun (and safe!) things you can do together.

We’ve compiled a short list of 7 fun things to do with your baby as a new mom.

Play with Bubbles

Playing with bubbles is a harmless, fun activity that you and your baby can enjoy together. Not only do many babies find bubbles exciting, but it can also help them to identify patterns in their early months. Your precious babe will probably even reach out and touch the bubbles, which helps with their coordination.

As a new mom, you’ll find a cheap bubble blower to be a great investment as your baby turns into a toddler. They’re great for both indoor and outdoor use and will provide entertainment for your child and you too, since you’ll get to watch them joyfully play! Of course you can also get an old fashioned bubble wand too. 

Put on a Puppet Show

This second activity doesn’t need to be as time-consuming as it sounds! For a newborn still learning about their surroundings, finger puppets or one single puppet should be enough to amaze them. Perhaps you can put on different voices and get a precious baby laugh – or put the puppet on your baby’s hand and move it around for them.

If you don’t have a puppet already, you can add a cute finger puppet set to your registry or find a set at a local toy store. Puppets can help to develop your newborn’s imagination and create some fun moments between mama and baby.


Take a walk for some fresh air

Your activities don’t have to be indoors when playing with your baby – getting some fresh air is essential not just for baby, but for mama, too! We know how the outdoors can be beneficial for mental health, wellbeing and sleep - and as a new mom all of those things are important to pay attention to.  Being outside can also benefit your baby! It helps establish their circadian rhythm which can improve their sleep cycles. 

Your babe may be too small to play outside, but they will still love looking at the different colors and hearing new noises. If you’re a new mama doing this activity in the winter months, make sure to wrap up your babe up nice and warm. And don’t forget to bundle up yourself, mama! We’ve got some stylish andcozy options for you where you can also sport your new nickname in style. 


Long before your baby is walking or talking, there’s no reason why mama can’t help them sway to some lovely music!

By taking your baby in your arms and swaying to different tunes, it can help you breathe some energy into an otherwise tiring day. Just be careful that you support your baby’s neck (keep a hand there) but otherwise, this gentle new movement can be lots of fun for your little angel.

Baby Yoga

Wherever you live, there will hopefully be some baby yoga classes not too far away. This can not only be a fun bonding activity for mama and baby, but it can help you to meet other moms and make friends. Raising your newborn can be very lonesome (especially in the first few months) and socializing is never a bad idea.

Baby yoga will help to stimulate your newborn’s senses, help you to bond with them, and can even calm them down. 

Read a story

By reading your baby a story out loud, it will help your newborn’s brain development, increase their processing speed, and may even improve their vocabulary if you do it consistently in the long-term.

If mama is stuck in a bit of a ‘funk’, perhaps pick a new story which you will find interesting. After all, in the first few months, your baby won’t be too fussy about what they hear from mama – they will just be pleased to hear your voice!


Sing to your baby

Whether you have a beautiful voice or not, your baby will undoubtedly love to hear you sing. This can be a useful way to make yourself feel better as a mama (for those who find singing enjoyable and therapeutic) while simultaneously helping to strengthen the bond between you and your baby.

Perhaps you could sing some nursery rhymes to your baby, or you could choose one of your favorite new tracks! Whatever you go for, it can be an enjoyable experience for both you and your newborn.

Snap pictures of the first few months with your baby

Whatever activities you choose for the first few months of bonding with your baby, make sure to snap some photos! These are some of the most precious (albeit difficult!) weeks of your life as a mama and you’ll be glad to have photos to look back on in the future.

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