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When one of your closest friends, family members or co-workers is pregnant, you want to be as supportive as possible. We all know that any expecting mama is going through a lot of changes – and that’s why buying them a gift that helps her through this new time can be an amazing way to show your support.

So, what should you buy for the soon-to-be mama – and when should you give it to them? Take a deep breath and relax… because we’ve got you covered.


First Trimester Gift Ideas

Many mamas describe the first trimester as being the hardest. Therefore, if you want to buy a pregnancy gift which helps relieve some of these aches and pains, then this is the perfect time to do it.

Morning sickness and nausea is extremely common during these early stages of the pregnancy. That’s why we recommend buying the soon-to-be mama a curated box of several well known nausea relief products. ThisMorning Sickness Boxis exactly that and is loved by moms all over the world. It has nearly 200 five star reviews for a reason! Or if you’re looking for something more affordable, theNausea Relief Bands are a helpful and thoughtful little gift that she will definitely appreciate.

Nausea bands are a safe and non-invasive way to combat morning sickness that most pregnant mamas go through. Meanwhile, a Morning Sickness Box will provide them with the best relief products around. With six different items, she can put one product in her desk, another in her purse, car, diaper bag, etc. to find quick relief whenever the nausea hits.


“Perfect for my friend who has had very bad morning sickness - she loved it!”

Shannon Keaveney, Purchaser of the Morning Sickness Box


Morning Sickness Box


Second Trimester Gift Ideas

Nausea often begins to settle during the second trimester – and this can be a relief for soon-to-be mamas. As she now approaches the middle of the pregnancy, this could be a good time to buy mama a curated box full of helpful products for the second trimester. 

Sunflower Motherhood’s Pregnancy Box helps expecting mamas to relax, feel comfortable and support her growing baby bump. With this gift, the mama in your life can enjoy:

  • Maternity support band
  • Belly butter
  • Pregnancy tea
  • Morning sickness drops
  • Pregnancy safe deodorant
  • Belly mask
  • Foot cream

Mom specificApparel could be another excellent gift for expecting mamas in the second trimester. Buying them a larger sweatshirt, for example, which fits their new shape is sure to be a successful gift.


“I love this sweatshirt so much that I just bought it for one of my best friends as soon as she found out she was pregnant! It's so soft you will love it! I wear it all the time & have a 5 month old.”

Kristen Terbeek, Purchaser of the Mama Sweatshirt


Mama Apparel


Third Trimester Gift Ideas

Postpartum boxes are an ideal gift for expecting mamas in the third trimester. At this stage of the pregnancy, the due date is getting closer – so it’s time to look towards what the new mama might find helpful after giving birth. 

Gift sets like theDeluxe Postpartum Recovery Box orBreastfeeding Box are a perfect way to show your care for mama while she’s caring for the baby. From needed postpartum healing items to uplifting note cards, these postpartum gift boxes help mamas feel prepared and supported in her newest journey of motherhood.


“A beautiful and well curated assortment of products that are especially helpful for the first time mom, but also a treat for even the most experienced mamas.”

Suz Ferrari, Purchaser of the Breastfeeding Box


Breastfeeding Box


Fourth Trimester Gift Ideas

The 12 weeks after a mama has their baby is no walk in the park! For this period, uplifting gifts which make mama feel supported are an excellent idea. Some great gifts that communicate your love and care are ourGreat Mom Candle orGreat Mom Mug.

We also have lots of comfy and cozy apparel that is designed for all stages of motherhood. With almost all of the apparel items available on our website, you can choose color and size. This helps you to pick a shade which mama will love – so she can look stylish throughout the fourth trimester. We also offer easy returns in case she doesn’t like the fit or needs a new size.


“I love the scent of this candle and the affirmation!”

Colleen Lester, Purchaser of the Great Mom Candle


Great Mom Mug


Gifts for Mamas with Postpartum Depression or Anxiety

Postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety are extremely common in new mamas – so an uplifting and affirming gift can be a useful way to remind the new mommy that she is loved, cared for and appreciated. 

ASelf Care Gift Box for example, is designed to help mamas create small moments of self care in her busy day. With uplifting messaging on every bottle, this box is sure to make her feel your support.


Bought for a friend with Postpartum Depression

"I bought this for a friend of mine who was suffering from postpartum depression and it was a wonderful surprise to cheer her up. This is an amazing gift."

Sonya Y.


Self care gift box


The perfect gifts for expecting mamas

Hopefully you now have loads of gift ideas for expecting mamas. Sunflower Motherhood has a huge selection you can choose from – so be creative, get the timing right, and get the expecting mama in your lifea gift she’ll never forget.

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