by Simon Elson March 03, 2023 4 min read

After you’ve given birth, it is only natural that your new priority is your baby. You want to make sure that they are happy and healthy – while using any spare moments to catch up on your sleep and adjust to your new lifestyle.

While it may feel like you no longer have time to keep in touch with your friends, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your friendships with the important people in your life will fall apart. Sure, you may have to start seeing them less often – but there are still things you can do to keep touch with the ones that matter.

How quickly you wish to transition back towards a social life will vary for each new mama. The schedules of your partner, the progression of your newborn, the phases of life you’re each in, and many other factors can influence how proactive you’ll be about maintaining the relationship. 

For those who are missing that close contact with their friends, here are five helpful suggestions for how you can water the friendship tree even in your busy role as a new mom.


1. Invite them over

New moms almost always tend to stay inside their house for the first few months after giving birth, which can make socializing a bit more challenging. However, instead of going out for drinks or visiting friends at their houses like you might’ve done in the past… why not invite friends over to your place, instead?

For the first few weeks of motherhood, you may not want any visitors which should be respected by your close circle.  But as the weeks go on and you’re ready to see friends, you may find it easier to have them over rather than leaving the house with all your baby gear.  This will help you feel connected to your friends as they get to meet your new bundle of joy, and meet you in your new role as mother. 


2. Send thank you cards for the baby shower

Even if you aren’t able to see your friends in-person as a new mother, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to them in other ways.

For example, if you held a baby shower in the weeks leading up to giving birth, you might want to take this opportunity to write ‘Thank You’ notes to everyone who came. This is a pleasant way to touch base with your loved ones and reassure them that you’re thinking of them, without the upheaval of leaving the house or inviting them over. 


3. Be proactive – don’t wait to be asked!

When you’ve had a new baby, your friends will often not want to intrude. They may not ask you to meetup because they understand how sleepless the newborn phase is – in which case, you should try to be proactive in suggesting meetups to them (when you feel ready, of course).

It can be challenging to keep going the extra mile to make plans with friends during the first few months of being a mama. However, if you reach out to your friends (instead of waiting for them to contact you) and reassure them that you still want to see them, it can bring some much-needed social time into your life. You can also let them know which types of events / activities work for you and the baby and which don’t, so they have a better idea of when to include you.


4. Invite them to bring their baby, too!

There’s no reason why your next mama meetup has to be adults-only (although we highly recommend doing those sometimes too!). If any of your close friends are moms themselves, this could be a great opportunity for you both to bring your babies to a meetup, and therefore avoid the logistics or heartache of leaving your new baby with someone else.

When you have friends who are new moms, it’s not only challenging to find time in yourown schedule to see them; you’ve got to work around their mama duties too! Bringing your babies can make it much more realistic to fit a get-together in.


5. Find a nanny – once you feel comfortable

Not all moms feel comfortable leaving their baby with a nanny during the first months after giving birth. However, when the moment feels right for you, it can make your life much easier when trying to hang out with your friends.

The best nannies will make you feel calm and assured when leaving your baby in their care. If possible, speak to other moms in the area and see which nannies they can recommend. Not only will this ensure that your baby is completely safe and healthy for the few hours you are away, but it can help you to clear your head by getting out of the house, too!

You may even want to leave your little one in the care of a relative – such as your parent, sibling or cousin. This can add even more reassurance that your baby is being left with someone trustworthy.

Treat yourself or your friends with mama pick-me-ups

Even though looking after your precious baby is a pleasure… it isn’t always easy! Moms deserve to be reminded that they’re doing a great job.  That’s why at Sunflower Motherhood we create gifts that uplift and affirm moms during the tender postpartum period. Whether you have a new mama friend who needs a little encouragement or you’re looking for a pick-me-up yourself, we’ve got you covered with ourthoughtful mommy gifts

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