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It is often said that ‘it is never too early for your toddler to start learning’ – and there is a lot of truth in that! As a new mom, you want your child to begin their learning journey in a fun, enjoyable way – and one great way to do this (while giving you a chance to get other things done) is by watching educational shows.

Across all the TV networks and streaming platforms, there are dozens of fun educational  shows for your toddler to watch. We’ve compiled a short list of just a few of these shows below – so your little angel can kickstart their education journey with a smile on their face!

Stillwater (Apple TV)

Stillwater is an animated series on Apple TV which emphasizes the importance of being emotionally aware. The main characters Karl, Addy and Michael live next door to a panda called Stillwater, who teaches them lots of important socio-emotional life lessons over the various episodes.

In Season 1, you will find episodes dedicated to the importance of sharing; why you should be kind to others; how to overcome disappointment; and many other valuable life lessons. 

This show has even won a Peabody Award in the ‘Children’s and Youth’ category in recent years.


“The stories are animated in a simpler style to differentiate from the "real" animation (with a diverse cast of vocal talent), and they help the kids understand how they are feeling, how others might be feeling, or to offer another look at a situation.”

Online review for ‘Stillwater’, from a new mom


Daniel Tiger (PBS) 

Daniel Tiger is an animated series ideal for toddlers between the ages of 2 and 4. It follows the life of Daniel Tiger, a four-year-old child, who invites viewers to join him in his daily life.

The show is a modern animated twist inspired by the famous Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood show that many of us remember from our own childhood.  It uses musical elements to explore important lessons – known as ‘strategy songs’. These offer a musical way for your toddler to remember the key lesson of the episode and are helpful in difficult parenting moments. On top of that, they’re extremely catchy, so you may even find yourself singing along, too!

Daniel Tiger covers topics such as how to handle your emotions; the importance of communicating clearly; how to entertain yourself while your parent is busy; and why you should always be kind to others.


“My two year old enjoys watching this show whenever I put it on for him. There's some repetition and catchy little songs by the characters which helps younger kids like mine remember what they've learnt better.”

Online review for ‘Daniel Tiger’, from a new mom


Bluey (Disney+)

Bluey is a fun educational show about a Blue Heeler puppy called ‘Bluey’, who goes on adventures with her younger sister, Bingo. The show first aired on ABC Kids and is now available on Disney+.

Bluey is a 2D animation which is easy on the eye, and focuses on a main character with lots of energy, curiosity and a vast imagination. Several episodes emphasize the importance of family, as well as why it’s good to be curious and willing to learn. There are also some great moments of parental humor sprinkled throughout the show. 

The show is set in Australia, which can offer an exciting opportunity for your toddler to learn about other cultures. It also introduces lots of different dog breeds who become friends with Bluey, which can be a fun way for your toddler to get acquainted with dogs and see them as friendly animals.


“Bluey – what a heartwarming, beautiful show! It has a cute, dreamy art style and fun stories nicely packed in 7 minutes! I overall love its humor, ideas, and sometimes sarcastic flare.”

Online review for ‘Bluey’, from a new mom


Slumberkins (Apple TV)

Slumberkins is an animated series which follows five characters: Bigfoot, Unicorn, Sloth, Yak and Fox as they embark on many exciting adventures. The show, written by family therapists, features musical elements and engages viewers through the various personalities of the five main characters.

Some of the important lessons explored in this show include the importance of making everyone feel included; what unconditional love is; how to apologize to someone you care about, and many more.

The animation style of Slumberkins is slightly different to some of the other shows on this list. It is more puppet-animation like Sesame Street which is unique and playful - and hopefully something your toddler will love! 


“This show is great all around. It's simple and lighthearted while being engaging and educational. It talks about social and emotional health/wellbeing and is honestly beneficial for kids and parents too. The little songs are catchy and meaningful and really help to further the learning.”

Online review for ‘Slumberkins’, from a new mom


Learn in a fun, educational way!

There’s no reason why your toddler can’t learn and have fun at the same time – and the TV shows listed above are proof! Your toddler will not be disappointed by any of these shows, as it will help them form strong bonds with the main characters, and also teach valuable lessons which will stick with them for life.

Once learning time is over, are you looking for somefun things you can do with your baby? Click on the link above to read our blog about how you and your angel can have fun together.

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